"Performance Paving created more than a just a driveway—they built a dramatic curved path to the house. They came up with the idea to work WITH the slope instead of against it and it looks amazing."

- Sandra H., Wilmette

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Chip & Seal

Chip and Seal

Chip and Seal - What is it?

Chip sealing is a process that takes the combination of a properly prepared and graded road and a surface treatment consisting of aggregate bound in place by asphalt emulsion chip oil (glue). The surface can have an infinite number of alternating layers of oil / aggregate /oil / aggregate etc. The most common application for an existing gravel road would be the application of a double chip; a layer of ¾” aggregate and a finishing wear course of 3/8” aggregate.



Asphalt - Why is this a Good option?

Asphalt or “blacktop” driveways are typically the least expensive paved surface of choice for the homebuilder or homeowner. However, lower cost does not translate into an inferior product. In fact, a blacktop drive that is installed with great care can last for 30 or more years with little effort. The secret lies in a good foundation of solid soil, topped with 6 inches of crushed gravel base beneath the asphalt.

Seal Coating


Seal Coating - Why do it?

Exposure to the environment causes a natural oxidation and drying of asphalt. This is a good thing during the first 6-12 months because it allows the asphalt to harden, yet, this natural process of hardening up causes a loss of flexibility and eventually, cracks occur. By seal coating shortly after the first year, the asphalt can be protected from further oxidation and significantly extend the life of the pavement.

Crack Sealing


Crack Sealing

Cracks in asphalt are not unusual. Unfortunately, neither is the eventual deterioration of the surface if those cracks are left unattended. Unsealed cracks allow water to enter and deteriorate the subgrade and eventually the surface, usually resulting in alligatoring, potholes, and the general failure of the pavement. “Crack sealer” is an elastic material designed to seal joints and cracks against this moisture infiltration into the subgrade.

Go Green


Go Green! with Performance Paving Ltd.

Performance Paving leads the way in creating asphalt driving surfaces for residential, commercial and public roadway applications that combines virgin material with RAP (reclaimed asphalt pavement). Not only is material recycling an economical alternative, but it actively demonstrates commitment to good stewardship of the environment and the sensible management of an increasingly costly resource. We believe that our investment in asphalt recycling pays big dividends for us, for our customers and--most importantly--for our world.

Go Green

Is it possible to get a high-quality product, recycle AND save money? ...YES!

Recycling Asphalt Product

If you are inclined to be “GREEN” in all that you do, contact the sales team at Performance Paving for more information about how we create your dream driveway or patio using Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement or RAP.

While Americans are accustomed to thinking about recycling their newspapers and beverage containers, the most widely recycled product in terms of both percentage and tonnage is actually asphalt pavement.

Learn more about going "Green" with Performance Paving!  

New or Recycled? Can you tell?


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Your choice for eye catching borders, functional restraining systems and expert landscaping is an easy one. We team up with companies that share our high quality standards like these -

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We Partner with the Best

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