The "Sandbox"

The Performance Paving 'Sandbox'



"A well maintained ‘Sandbox’ of specialized paving machines is essential to the application, refinement and on-time completion of every project."





Milling Machine


Asphalt milling machines
are used for demolition and grinding existing asphalt which in some cases is recycled.

Today's machines have elaborate conveyor systems to reduce the labor of picking up the material from the roadway.

Depending on the depth of the cut, these machines can cut close to 15,000 square yards a day, at 75 feet per minute.




Milling underway

Operating an Asphalt Milling Machine requires specialized training. Typically newer machines require 2 or more people to operate safely and efficiently.

The operator stands on the deck of the machine and controls most of the machines functions, while another person on the ground controls the depth of the cut, keeps an eye out for obstructions in the roadway such as manholes and/or water valves.



After the asphalt has been poured and evenly distributed, asphalt Rollers are used to compact the freshly laid asphalt with the base materials, creating a smooth even surface.




A Paver is used to lay asphalt on roadways. Once the asphalt has been dumped onto the paving area, a roller is used to compact and smooth the surface.



Seal Coating Machine

Sealcoating -
Residential projects are typically sealcoated manually, whereas larger commercial and industrial jobs require high capacity air sprayers and spreaders in ride-on or trailer mounted configurations.


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