Pavement Marking

Pavement Marking

Well planned and applied pavement marking has many advantages. Consider these-

  • Bright, crisply defined stalls and traffic lanes allow for proper traffic flow, thus reducing the chances of an accident.
  • A.D.A. compliance is now mandatory for most parking areas. Ever changing laws make it often difficult to stay on top of current requirements. We offer layouts, signs, posts and striping applications to comply with all Federal, State and Local regulations.
  • A freshly striped parking lot has a much greater curb appeal for passing motorists. Newly striped lots display a sense of proper care and maintenance, reflecting on the general business practices of the lots owner.
  • Striping also allows for the optimum use of parking spaces that are quite often in already short supply.
  • With proper layout, Performance Paving can utilize the maximum available space in your parking area.

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