Parking Lots

Parking Lot

Unmaintained asphalt shows its deterioration and damage quickly, in as little as two years after being installed.

Lack of proper maintenance will lead to serious liability issues as cracks become potholes. The deterioration of unmaintained asphalt happens exponentially faster than maintained asphalt and, consequently, costs much more money over time.

Parking lot maintenance is typically performed on a three to five year cycle that includes: crackfill for developing cracks later followed by the sealcoating and remarking.

This prolongs pavement life and enhances the appearance of your property.

The benefits of consistent parking lot maintenance are clear:

  • Protecting your asphalt pavement investment
  • Avoiding serious liability issues to tenants, guests and customers
  • Beautify the landscape and appearance
  • Plus – save more than 48% over unmaintained pavement

Performance Paving offers the complete scope of services for Parking lots including concrete and plastic restraining bumpers, incorporation of speed bumps, signage, striping all in accordance with ADA standards.



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New or Recycled?

Which of these driveways was made with recycled asphalt? Can’t tell? Neither can we!  Surprised? RAP is the single most recycled material in the U.S.

image Find out everything you need to know about Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement in our Go Green section.


image This second photo shows the driveway made with recycled asphalt.


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