Chip and Seal

While asphalt requires periodic sealing and repairs, the chip and seal method is relatively maintenance free.

Counties throughout the nation have had years of success with their chip seal driving surfaces. One of the primary reasons for their success and longevity is due to careful snow removal techniques. A chip sealed surface is susceptible to “careless or aggressive” snow removal methods. Longevity depends on leaving about ½” or more of snow on the road surface, and not trying to scrape down to the road bed with a snow plow.

The “chip and seal” method employs (HFE 90) liquid asphalt heated to 160 degrees sprayed over a gravel base. As clear-cut as this process seems, it requires the most experience and skill of all surfacing applications.

Chip and seal is offered with a black appearance as well as pink stone and other granite and color options such as Wisconsin river rock, blue stone, Merrimac and pea stone. All stone used in chip and seal offers high durability and a rougher surface than asphalt, providing extra grip in wet or snowy weather.

Steel edging is installed after the preparation of the driveway bed and before the driveway medium is applied. Quarter inch wide, by five inch high quality American made steel will frame and support your driveway to avoid premature collapsing from regular use. Decorative edging in brick or concrete options are also available.


Chip and Seal Stone Color Selections

Wisconsin Riverstone Chip and Seal Tiffany Pink Chip and Seal Merimac Chip and Seal Bluestone Chip and Seal Peastone Chip and Seal

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