The nature of the asphalt pavement is highly regarded for its excellent waterproofing, flexibility, and adhesive properties to bind and hold aggregates in the pavement and withstand punishing traffic and weather. Which is why asphalt has been used extensively for paving and road construction.

The strength of asphalt is directly related to the pavement design from the ground up. The top of the pavement is only the "roof," so to speak. This "roof" covers a bed of graded stone aggregates of varying depths according to ground conditions as well as traffic requirements.

This base of aggregate is what really carries the load of the traffic. With varying traffic loads, we offer our customers the option of a heavier duty pavement application using a "two lift" procedure starting with a binder course and followed by a surface course. This will support heavier loads such as RV's, boats and trailers.

Steel edging is installed after the preparation of the driveway bed and before the asphalt is applied.

Quarter inch wide, by five inch high quality American made steel will frame and support your driveway to avoid premature collapsing from regular use.

Decorative hardscape and landscape options are also available to enhance the overall appearance of asphalt driveway applications.


Go Green

Is it possible to get a high-quality product, recycle AND save money? ...YES!

Recycling Asphalt Product

If you are inclined to be “GREEN” in all that you do, contact the sales team at Performance Paving for more information about how we create your dream driveway or patio using Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement or RAP.

While Americans are accustomed to thinking about recycling their newspapers and beverage containers, the most widely recycled product in terms of both percentage and tonnage is actually asphalt pavement.

Learn more about going "Green" with Performance Paving!  

New or Recycled? Can you tell?


Top 8 Tips for Your New Driveway

Before you enjoy using your new asphalt driveway take a moment to read these tips to keep it looking beautiful

  1. Don't place sharp pointed objects on a black top driveway. These will cause holes and indentations.
  2. Don't turn the wheel of your car sharply while the car is standing still as this will scuff the surface.
  3. Don't park the car in the same spot each time during the first year. Change its position each time that you park.
  4. Don't allow large heavy vehicles in your driveway. Chances are the base has not been designed for it, and you will get failure from shearing. This effect is due to a lack of support, unless the site is designed for commercial use. The typical design for commercial traffic is two layers.
  5. Don’t allow weeds to crowd edges. At the peak of their growth during the summer, weeds have been known to lift the edges or to grow right through the black top.
  6. Don't drive or park near the edges of your driveway unless you have a restraining system such as a concrete or stone curb as support.
  7. As part of a more stable and 'finished looking' driveway, we recommend that you back fill the edges with topsoil to prevent edge cracking.
  8. Sealcoat your new driveway within one year of it's completion.

Let's Get Started!

5 Steps to Stunning Results

  1. Discuss ideas and options

  2. Site Review

  3. Approve quote & plan

  4. Set a date

  5. Start!

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Learn more about Green options with Performance Paving


New or Recycled?

Which of these driveways was made with recycled asphalt? Can’t tell? Neither can we!  Surprised? RAP is the single most recycled material in the U.S.

image Find out everything you need to know about Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement in our Go Green section.


image This second photo shows the driveway made with recycled asphalt.


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